Lectures will be presented via ZOOM in real time.   The series will begin on Monday, October 4 at 2:15 pm and run for 8 sessions.  The cost  will be $75 per e-mail registered.**   Here is the program:

Oct.4  Charles Liu, "Water : A Planetary Perspective for 2022 and Beyond" 

Oct 11 Gordon Chang, "America's Greatest Wager:China" 


October18  Benjamin Dworkin, "The State of State Politics: Inside the Dynamics of New Jersey Government and Elections.

Oct.25  Christopher Laney,  "Are Conspiracy Theories Out to Get Us?"

Nov 1  Clint Watts , "Should Social Media have the Same Restrictions as Print Media?"

Nov.8  Heather Conley  "How Brexit is Working and Other European Issues"

Nov 15 Dr. Jerry Pubantz  "Joe Biden's Foreign Policy at 11 months and counting"

Nov 22  Ralph Buultjens , "World Roundup"


If you wish to sign up for this year's program please do the following:

Make out a check for  $75  (please make it payable to FDU (they process our finances)  for each e-mail you wish to be connected to Zoom. Clearly attach your name, address, phone number and the email that you will use for Zoom and "US postal service" mail to Shelly Feinstein, 2213 Briggs Circle, Livingston, NJ 07039.  September 15 is the absolute deadline for applicants.




We look forward to having you join us for the 2021 Fall PALS program. Stay safe!

The PALS Board